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Mold Remediation

Mold growth or microbial infestation can be hazardous to occupants' health, whether in a home, office, or industrial facility. Over time, mold infects and contaminates the finishes and, if untreated, can damage the structural integrity of a building and pose serious health risks to those exposed to it. Reliance will extend our knowledge and hands-on experience with mold-related work to each phase of the job, from helping to identify the source of water intrusion to mold testingmold reports, and comprehensive quotes for all types of mold remediation as follows:

  • Mold Testing and Inspection Reports

  • Surface Remediation (Eradicate mold only on the surface)

  • Mold-contaminated Finish Removal (Demo walls, floors, or ceilings)

  • Remediation of Mold in Inner Wall Cavities

  • Encapsulation of Substrate with Mold-deterrent Coating

  • Air-scrubbing and Decontamination (If needed)

Residential/Commercial Free Mold Inspection

Reliance provides free visual mold inspections for visible surface mold (areas of mold contamination that can be viewed by the naked eye - with no tests). 

Mold Testing: If you need to do a test for mold, please ask for pricing for Mold Inspection and Test by Reliance by calling our office or filling out the Free Quote Form. Testing for mold by Reliance includes Site inspection, humidity, and moisture Test, 1 baseline air sample, lab analysis, and a written assessment report on the findings.


Mold Remediation Steps

If you feel that mold remediation may be needed due to heavy infestation, we recommend the following steps:

  • Identify source of leak or water intrusion (by others). A leak detection service can determine water intrusion causes, which could be various as follows: Water leak from rain, plumbing issue, standing water in Crawlspace, inadequate shower airflow/ventilation, or even tenant living conditions. All of these issues, or a combination of these factors, can cause interior mold.

  • Identify limits of removal required. Some mold is not hazardous. Some remediation jobs only require surface cleaning of mold. In jobs where mold has grown into, behind, and/or fully infected the building materials, wall removal and full remediation is recommended.

  • Once you have determined the water source and the limits of removal, Reliance will give you an estimate to perform the following:

    • Perform surface cleaning and/or removal of floor, wall, or ceiling finishes to the substrates to expose framing members, as needed. In some cases, finish removal is not warranted.

    • Bleach clean and/or wire brush all mold-containing substrates and framing members behind finishes, and treat them with mold eradicating agent.

    • Apply a paint-on mold deterring primer on all substrate and framing surfaces to inhibit new mold spores from forming.

    • Perform 24-hour air scrubbing to filter and circulate new, fresh air throughout the interior space.

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