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Construction contractors are at the top of our client list. As a contractor, we understand construction projects' challenges and time sensitivity. Every day, we help many contractors protect their workers and customers and ensure that their abatement projects comply with all laws and regulations and are protected against future legal cases. 


Because of the urgency of abatement projects, all contractors must have a trusted abatement company to take care of their projects promptly. Reliance Construction is a small and very efficient company with extensive knowledge regarding laws and regulations of the industry, and you can be sure that your projects are in good hands.

Our expert Permits Department is committed to providing exceptional assistance in acquiring essential documentation for your renovation projects. Our dedicated team facilitates the application processes and keeps track of ongoing regulatory changes to guarantee continued conformity with relevant statutes throughout each phase of your project.

We trust your expertise and know that you have gone through all courses and examinations by the State License Board and are aware of regulations regarding asbestos. But as a refresher, you can visit the link below, which is the open-book exam guide by the "Contractors State License Board."

"The Contractor's Open Book Asbestos Exam Guide"

Call us today and talk to our experts for a quick, free job walk with an accurate proposal free of charge.

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