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Hazardous Material Decontamination Services

Have you done a recent remediation project at your property? Did you know that your house may be contaminated with asbestos fibers by the contractor who did the previous removal or due to the recent contamination? If you didn't do an air test after finishing an abatement project, we suggest you hire a certified company for an air test. That way, you can be assured that no fibers are lingering around your house waiting to get into someone's lungs and cause fatal severe diseases.

One of the unique services that Reliance Construction provides is Decontamination services. We hear all of the complaints about some company's job cleanliness. We bri,ng this matter up since our concern is your family’s safety. What’s the point of paying all those high rates of abatement and soon after finding that your house is not as a safe place to breathe as you thought it was? The problem with asbestos-related diseases is that you wouldn’t know anything about the growth of the cancer till it is too late, and at that time nothing can help you. Don’t wait till the unthinkable happens. Be proactive today.


  • Building an NPE (Negative Pressure Environment) to stop spreading the fibers even more

  • HEPA vacuum all vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • Wet wipe all vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • Air Scrubbing by setting up negative-pressure air machines and let them run over night

  • Reliance would stand behind the quality of its employee's work and we guarantee to pass the air test after the job is done.

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