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Reliance is licensed with C-21 in CA and provides full-scale building demolition services for both residential and commercial customers throughout the Bay Area. Our team has the experience and ability to demolish both commercial and residential buildings safely, within budget, and within reasonable timeframes. We also have relationships with all local landfills and recycling centers to haul out, recycle, and/or dispose of all of the related demolition waste and debris.

For renovation jobs, Reliance provides interior and exterior selective demolition and/or full guts for renovation jobs, upgrade projects, and/or Tenant Improvements (TI's), including removal of a variety of different interior building materials such as casework, cabinetry, wood trim items, wall panels, ceiling fixtures, doors, windows, lights, wall-mounted items, carpets, floors, wall finishes, ceiling finishes, etc. Call today about our demolition services, or fill out our Free Quote Form with the details of your next demolition job. Reliance offers the following services for demolition:

  • Hazardous Abatement/Demolition (See Asbestos and Lead pages)

  • Non-hazardous interior or exterior demolition

  • Building Demolition (Commercial)

  • Building Demolition (Residential)

  • Demolition Waste Hauling and Disposal

Note: Reliance does NOT perform controlled high-rise demolition with explosives.

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