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Why are Hazardous Materials Abatement jobs so costly?

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We understand that hazardous material abatement is not a pleasant cost to pay. Often, people are not prepared to hear the presence of those materials on their property, and they feel they are being forced to spend so much either because of a correction notice they received from their local authorities, a complaint, or suddenly finding these materials in the middle of a renovation project. We often hear, “Why is this process so costly?”. In the following notes, we’ll try to explain the reasons.

As a hazardous Materials Abatement Company, We are responsible for public health. We fall into the public health sector, such as pharmacists. It takes extensive licensing and paperwork costs to do the job right. Many eyes watch us at every step, and any minor negligence will result in paying thousands of dollars in citations.

Don't risk your household's safety and health; be aware of low bidders. Based on our years of experience, cutting corners in hazardous materials-related work will result in unclean work. The job has to be done 100% correctly, and if you are not sure, you can't trust a company better not to do it at all since any percentage of contamination would be considered a hazard.

The factors affecting the abatement costs include but not limited to:

Workers Pay Rate

Hazardous material abatement workers are amongst the highest-paid workers in the construction world. They are not simple workers that you’d pick up from Home Depot. The workers must be certified and undergo ongoing refreshment courses and medical examinations by law, which brings us extra costs compared to the other construction companies' labor costs. Licensing Costs As a hazardous material abatement company, we’d have to maintain extra licenses and qualifications to work legally in this field, which other construction companies don’t need to worry about.

Transportation Costs The removed hazardous material must be manifested and have legal documents wherever it goes. We must transport it from your property by a particular driver with a “Hazmat Endorsement” from the DMV. He may be stopped by the police anywhere, and we should be prepared to show that our driver and waste documentation comply with the law.

Waste Disposal Costs After bringing the derbies to our warehouse, we’d have to arrange the transportation of the waste by a certified company, transporting the waste to a designated hazmat landfill. These processes are all costly. It costs way more than just dumping the debris in any landfill, as the other construction companies conveniently do. Liability Insurance Cost: Dealing with hazardous materials, we have lots of liability, making our insurance cost way higher than any other construction specialty. Our liability insurance costs about ten times or more than any other construction company. Workers Compensation Insurance Cost: Workers' compensation insurance rates are higher than other specialties Because of the risks of dealing with hazardous materials.

Administration Costs When you work with Reliance Construction, you can rest assured that your project complies with all rules and regulations. For each job, there is lots of paperwork such as permits, obtaining different numbers from different entities, and notifying them about the project. Paperwork that other construction companies don't need to care about, and yes, it costs us to pay our administration team to get them done promptly.

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