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Understanding the Role of Hazardous Waste Generators

In the realm of hazardous waste management, understanding the role of a generator is crucial. According to the California Code of Regulations Title 22 (22 CCR) section 66260.10, a Generator is defined as “any person, by site, whose act or process produces hazardous waste identified or listed in Chapter 11 of the hazardous waste regulations or whose act first causes a hazardous waste to become subject to regulation.”

While in California, generators typically refer to businesses or government agencies, it’s essential to note that in certain scenarios, households can also fall under this classification.

What exactly constitutes hazardous waste? Hazardous waste encompasses materials possessing properties that render them potentially harmful to human health or the environment. These substances come in various forms – liquids, solids, or contained gases – and can stem from manufacturing by-products, used materials, or even unused commercial products like cleaning fluids (solvents), asbestos, pesticides, or household cleaners. Whether a waste is deemed hazardous often hinges on its classification as a federal or state-listed waste or if it exhibits characteristics of hazardous waste (ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic).

Generators shoulder the responsibility of accurately characterizing all their hazardous waste. The process for such determination is outlined in 22 CCR section 66262.11. Once a generator confirms that their waste meets the hazardous waste definition, the applicable requirements hinge on the nature of the waste and the volume generated.

For a comprehensive understanding of generator requirements and how pertinent laws and regulations apply to your situation, it’s imperative to discern whether you fall under the category of a business or a household. This distinction sets the stage for navigating the regulatory landscape effectively and ensuring compliance with hazardous waste management protocols.

At Reliance Construction, we proudly undertake the role of your representative to facilitate the acquisition of a customized EPA ID# tailored to your property and project. Additionally, we meticulously manage all aspects of hazardous waste disposal procedures in accordance with mandated laws and protocols. Upon delivery of your hazardous waste to a designated landfill, you will receive comprehensive documentation as evidence of proper disposal, ensuring compliance and providing peace of mind for your future records.

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