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Asbestos Exposure Risks

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Disturbance of products containing asbestos releases microscopic fibers into the environment, posing a significant risk to one's health. These fibers, once inhaled, can become lodged in the lungs, causing irritation and scarring that impedes breathing. Prolonged exposure leads to serious health issues. Low levels of asbestos in the air, water, and soil generally don't pose any danger; nevertheless, consistent contact at workplaces involving asbestos or substantial environmental contact increases the likelihood of sickness. Previously, occupational activities like construction and ship maintenance led to excessive asbestos exposure, but nowadays, risks mostly arise during renovation, repair, or destruction of structures containing the mineral. Other situations that might put someone at risk include working with asbestos-based items like textiles, brakes, insulation, and construction components. It's crucial to take precautions while handling asbestos-related tasks to avoid potential harm.

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