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Asbestos Waste Disposal Procedure

Updated: Nov 19

Upon signing the proposal, our team must secure a valid EPA # from the Environmental Protection Agency for any project involving waste. This number serves to identify both us as the handler of potentially harmful substances and our clients as the generators of said wastes. Since property owners bear ultimate responsibility for the contents originating from their property, relevant information should prominently feature on corresponding labels and documentation alike. However, if the legal owner happens to represent a business entity rather than an individual, we must receive additional details to facilitate accurate recordkeeping. Specifically, please tell us the complete contact details (name, address, telephone number, and email) of someone capable of responding directly to state agency queries about matters involving hazardous materials, their generation, or related paperwork. Remember, the identified party should actively participate in your establishment, not merely function as a contractor or intermediary representative. For your convenience, you'll receive an easy-to-complete form.

Thank you again for choosing our professional services, and please do not hesitate to request assistance with any remaining concerns. Together, we can promote responsible environmental stewardship while maintaining efficient and cost-effective practices.

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