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Asbestos in Construction Materials

Updated: Oct 15

When humans found the asbestos, we thought we hit the jackpot. Asbestos fibers are fire resistant and chemically stable, and soon after, soon after asbestos was widely used in many products, such as building construction materials for insulation and as a fire-retardant, and were used in the United States in all houses built prior to 1981.

After finding many death cases and finding their link to asbestos, its use became regulated, and many entities started discussions and looking for ways to decrease the damage. One of the fields that has been under close watch is the construction industry, specifically any project that requires disturbing the existing asbestos-containing materials. Such materials may not be dangerous until they are disturbed and become friable. Asbestos fibers are 5000 times thinner than human hair and don't have a smell. They can easily linger in the air for days until someone inhales them.

If you are planning for any scale renovation or construction project, consult with a certified and licensed company such as Reliance Construction to avoid health risks and legal issues that can arise due to negligence by your contractor. Let your contractor know that you are aware of those risks and want them not to perform any risky demolition or disturbance of existing suspicious material before you talk to us.

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