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Bay Area Asbestos Abatement Rules & Regulations

Aware of the potential hazards posed by asbestos-related projects, local authorities rigorously monitor progress within the region to ensure safety standards are maintained. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), in particular, keeps a watchful eye over activities involving asbestos abatement and demolition.

In order to meet regulatory requirements and avoid penalties, all parties must apply for mandated permits well ahead of time. Specifically, a minimum lead period of ten business days is essential to secure approval from the appropriate agencies. This measure allows for thorough evaluation and planning, ultimately minimizing risks to public health while promoting overall environmental stewardship. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in significant delays or legal action. Therefore, proactive preparation and diligent adherence to established protocols remain crucial components of successful execution. Act now to guarantee uninterrupted progress and maximize long-term benefits for all stakeholders. Contact our team today for comprehensive guidance tailored to your specific circumstances. Together, let's promote a cleaner, safer future for ourselves and future generations.

Please note: There is an emergency 3-day option available only for Single Family Dwelling Projects

The permit fee is to be paid by the customer directly to the ”Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Obtain the Permit by Yourself

Following the signature of our mutually agreed-upon proposal, our dedicated team will engage in collaborative efforts with you to design a timetable catering to your needs. upon agreement about the project start and completion dates, you can visit the following link to obtain your unique permit showcasing a vital J Number.


Ask us for complimentary assistance

By Check:

To pay by check, simply write out your payment to cover the full cost of the permit. Once received, our Permits Department will promptly process everything on your behalf, ensuring your application moves forward smoothly. As always, please remember to include your contact details and any relevant information related to your permit request. Rest assured that we prioritize accuracy and efficiency every step of the way.

By Credit Card:

For credit card transactions, if you prefer using plastic, just give us a call at

(650) 347-9100

so we can safely verify your identity before proceeding with the transaction. Your cooperation helps safeguard everyone's sensitive data, which we take very seriously. Once confirmed, we'll handle securing the necessary permits for you without delay, keeping you informed every step of the way. Remember, transparent communication forms the foundation of our services, empowering clients like yourself to make informed decisions about their unique needs. Trust us to streamline the entire experience, leaving nothing to chance and delivering peace of mind along the way. Thanks for choosing Reliance Construction, where customer satisfaction takes top priority! Let us know if there's anything else we can do to ensure your complete comfort throughout the process.

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